African and Asian continent has always inspired rest of the world with its unique culture and roots inhuman origin. With the word Africa/Asia; you’ll be probably thinking of nature, history and culture. AFWEU is an each-year-returning fashion&art event...

AFWEU/Africa is held in the last weekend of August in Amsterdam and in the last week of April in Istanbul.

AFWEU/Asia is held in the last weekend of October in Istanbul.



AFRICA FASHION WEEK EUROPE's vision is giving designers that are inspired by Africa a platform in Amsterdam and Istanbul. It’s not a necessity for designers or artists to be from African origin to attend. They can just be inspired or have influence of African nature/people/food/culture/lifestyle/color/textiles or history. It’s really about the feeling and influence of Africa...



ASIA FASHION WEEK EUROPE is the only Asian fashion exhibition in Europe that promotes Asian arts and culture both in and out of the continent. The aim of the event is to alter the perception of Asian culture and promote Istanbul as a tourist destination for arts, culture and fashion, while further increasing the awareness of the destination and more importantly, attracting international tourists, so enriching the destination’s tourism industry and economy...